Summer Seasonal Favorites

Talk to Kit about a "Local Harvest Menu" when booking Green Plate Catering 8 months or more before your event. Our farm liaison will work with the chef and your preferences to create a unique locally sourced meal from start to finish.


Depending on your menu choices, up to 90% of your catered food will originate less than one hundred miles from our kitchen. We partner with local farmers to contract for the produce, the dairy, the sweeteners, the grains and the livestock, which supplies your menu.


*Due to environmental concerns, Green Plate Catering does not work with ‘Agave Nectar’.


Stuffed Zucchini Flowers GF V*

Green Man Hummus Crudités GF V

Summer Rolls w/Tangy Dipping Sauce GF V

Curried Chicken or Tofu Bites GF V

Salmon Mousse Cucumber Rounds GF

Assorted Handmade Nori Rolls w/ Ginger Dipping Sauce GF V

Green Bean Paté Stuffed Celery Sticks GF V

Minted Tofu Bites GF V

Sandwiches, Soups & Salads

Chili and Cornbread GF* V*

Summer Club Sandwiches GF* V*

Cool Summer Borscht GF V*

Red Cabbage Asian Slaw GF V

Haricots Verts Almandine GF V*

Egg or Eggless Salad w/ Mixed Micro Greens GF* V*

Antipasto Muffaletta GF* V*

Chilled Kerala Cucumber Soup GF V

French Potato Salad w/ Tangy Vinaigrette GF V

Tomatoes & Fresh Corn w/ Basil Emulsion GF V*


Gypsy Stew w/ New Potatoes GF V

Fennel Grilled Tofu or Chicken w/ Pesto Sauce GF V

Crab Imperial Millet Croquettes GF

Eggplant Involtini Al Funghi V

Late Summer Socca Herbed Succotash Filling GF V

Peach BBQ Grilled Tofu or Chicken GF V

Crab Cakes Chef’s Secret Tartar Sauce GF

Karniyarik Beef or Lentil GF V


Cherry Clafoutis GF*

Blackberry Cornmeal Cobbler GF* V*

Blueberry Lemon Curd Bars GF* V*

Late Summer Minted Melon Balls GF V

Spice Cookies GF* V

Apple Turnovers GF* V*

Peach Crisp rw/ Rich Oat-Pecan Topping GF V

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